Greencliff is a web based task management system; it is integrated with the Filestream workflow system and can be delivered on its own or with Filestream.  The Greencliff tasks are a combination of QnA’s, Custom Tasks (web and desktop applications) and Rule Manager interactions expressed linearly within the workflow.   Embedding custom applications within the workflow allows the user to move through the workflow seamlessly even if the flow takes them out of the Greencliff system.

Greencliff can allow a business to deliver a system that locks down how a user interacts with a file.  This can allow groups of people associated with a workflow to run specific tasks delivered to them in priority order by membership of configurable roles.  This can allow simple admins tasks or complex tasks to be delivered to an appropriate user.  In contrast Filestream allows greater flexibility within the workflow for situations when specific roles may not be applicable.  Greencliff can be implemented with Filestream and allow the same business to deliver both flexible workflows and restricted workflows to different user types.  As Greencliff is web based it will compliment any agile working strategy that you may have or may want to move to.

Greencliff is currently used in a large healthcare company with workflows specifically developed for booking, admin and clinical processes.  The company has taken full advantage of Greencliff’s capability to integrate custom applications into the workflow and File Dynamics are currently working with the NHS to allow further integration into the system.  Greencliff is also used in a number of firms that are using it for FNOL and contact centres.