First introduced over 15 years ago, our workflow management system Filestream is able to expand and adapt to your business needs.  Filestream has been written in house and is still managed and developed by our software development team.  Filestream is not tied to a particular industry and should be seen as a blank canvass to design and implement workflow systems and efficiencies into your business.

The functionality of Filestream allow you to design and build complex workflows ensuring key dates, details, documents and prompts are clearly delivered to the user at the right time.  The workflow can prompt the completion of a QnA (Questions and Answers) to gather large amounts of data which can also be written back to key Filestream details.  One of the most powerful parts of Filestream is Rule Manager which allows the workflow to be developed with rules that decide what happens after an action has been completed.  This could include adding, updating or deleting Filestream data, completing a document, launching an application or calling stored procedure and other code to perform a desired action.

Filestream is currently used in several law firms with workflows being specifically developed for several areas of law including claimant motor PI, non motor PI and recoveries work.  There has also been integration into the insurance industry with Filestream being used as an First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) system.  One of our first customers, Lyons Davidson Solicitors, began using the system within their Bristol offices in 1999. Today Filestream forms the basis of their entire national case management and extranet structure.