The Extranet is a web based application that allows the publishing of MI reports, framed applications, articles and links in a structured way.  This can allow B2B access through your business stakeholders. The structure allows the administration of user access and auditing. Folders can be created to contain reports/etc with specific access restrictions. Each item that is accessed is logged for auditing and security purposes.  The system is integrated with Filestream allowing Filestream file data to be delivered over the web.

Access is on an account basis and can be controlled by IP restrictions, folder security or security levels.

Access can be granted to individual users and allows them to:

  • Search for a file
  • View the file information including names of the individuals and companies involved in the file, file details, file history, letters, attendances and documents completed, outstanding and future file activities
  • Send a message to the file for the person dealing with the file

The Extranet application tool allows you to set up the service easily and to:

  • Tailor the content for specific organisations or classes of individuals
  • Group the content
  • Provide different views for levels of users (eg managers)
  • Publish articles within specific groups
  • Link to other sites